Daily Post – Writing 101 – Building a Blogging Habit

The Daily Post gives me this exciting writing challenge for the month of July 2014, which I would like to list them as and when they reveal themselves every weekday.

Writing 101 – Building a Blogging Habit gives me the ability to express endless imaginary universes that lie within the cosmos of our minds, and I would very much like to harness and harvest the true power of my mind towards completeness with my spirit of everything that surrounds us.

Following are the daily challenges:

  1. Day 01 – Unlock the Mind: As seen through my eyes – Here’s a world where one can choose to live life in the way one wishes to.
  2. Day 02 – A Room with a View (Or Just a View): A Wealth of Nature – This is what surrounds me. Can you take the first step into such spiritual journey?
  3. Day 03 – Commit to a Writing Practice: Musical Harmony – Life is synchronous with the way we live. How would you like to live it?
  4. Day 04 – The Serial Killer: ThChanging Moccasins – Point of View] Protect, Defend, Attacke Shock of War – How can war destroy the essence of the life we are all born in. Love and happiness are lost for some, while others are lost forever.
  5. Day 05 – Be Brief: Act, not React – A young boy encounters a broken-sealed letter, whose recipient is a queen. What would you do if you were placed in his shoes?
  6. Day 06 – A Character-Building Experience: Bless Her Immortal Soul – A strange meeting takes place in the forests. A legend sparks to fight its way back. What choice would you make if you stood facing them?
  7. Day 07 – Give and Take: Brushing Dragons – With conflicting characters set up in a dangerous setting, would you dare to do the same, if it came over you?
  8. Day 08 – Death to Adverbs: The Traveller – What if you woke up with no memory, and found yourself in deep space, with only the cosmos to surround and accompany and comfort you?
  9. Day 09 – Changing Moccasins – Point of View: Protect, Defend, Attack – A beautiful butterfly gets trapped within the spider’s web. A man attempts to free the butterfly before it’s too late. Will the man save the butterfly in time? Will the spider make the kill and feed on it? Read the story in three different perspectives.
  10. Day 10 – Happy (Insert Special Occasion Here)!: An Evil Feast – What can the thoughts be when life is at stake? Is there a way to stop an unconquerable evil?
  11. Day 11 – Size Matters: Tortured Soul – In a world ruled by corporations, there is no happy life to live. These are few words spoken by someone who grew up in such difficult times.
  12. Day 12 – (Virtual) Dark Clouds on the Horizon: Myth of Days – Sarah’s and Megan’s world is surrounded with village beliefs. But they are not convinced. An invisible beast shall hunt and feed on humans who wander through the forests on Friday. It is one of those days, when they plan to search for the truth. Are they really in danger?
  13. Day 13 – The Serial Killer 2: Gaining Grounds – The sequel to Shock of War. The battle lines are laid, and lines are crossed. Will the men defeat their foes? Or will they perish away from their deathly blows?
  14. Day 14 – To Whom It May Concern: Inside the Chamber – What if someone close to you asks for your help? What if you couldn’t give any assistance? What actions would you take for someone who is desperate to come back to you?

Please mention your comments, feedback and/or reviews here.

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