Offence vs. Defence

Following are two images I clicked while I went on a trip to South India:



Image Credit: Shlomo Reuben

Here’s one perspective of dialogue which came to my mind, and couldn’t stop without writing it:

“Give up, you fool.”, the lioness growled. Her sharp teeth showed the strength that could tear the flesh of any creature that would come within its grasp.

“In fact, it is you who should quit trying to hunt me down.”, mooed the bull, the horns on his head, displaying the blood of its hunter.

The lioness circled and tried to get a weak point over the bull, but could not. She continued to distract the bull, “How long do you think you can hold on, now that you’re bleeding?”

The bull, no more sat down feeding over the green grass given to it by its owner as lunch. It waved his horns at her, “So is the case with you as well.”, he replied.

The lioness hissed and growled again. She was losing patience on her prey as time went by. She hopped, walked, and ran in a circle not five metres away from the bull.

“You’re already tired and losing consciousness. That’s good. It won’t take long now, I suppose.”, purred the cat.

“I’d like to see what happens when your patience runs off.”, the bull replied with a hinting smile.

“I could wait for days to let you run dry.”

“Not this time, hunter. I’ve encountered better.”

“Are you mocking me, you filthy overgrown sheep?”, she became furious. Blood rushed through her veins as she felt her pride challenged.

“The point here is not about mocking one another. It’s all in testing the patience.”, he searched for his owner in the field, but could not.

The lioness laughed with a roar that shook out the tall grass, which lay waving sideways, “We shall see how long you last.” She glimpsed the bull’s eyes to get the hint. She continued, “Do you really believe your owner would come to your rescue?”

The bull gave no reply. He wished for his owner to be safe and nowhere close to this devilish beast.

After a long pause with no communication between them, the lioness bared her teeth at the bull, “There is no need to wait, you puny little sheep. I already know where he is.”

The bull did not display any sign of being frightened. He was not going to lose hope, not in front of the devil who had decided to devour him.

“Can’t you see his blood over my mouth since I walked here?”, the lioness grinned to bare her teeth, allowing her canines to show off. She continued, “You’re going to have to accept the fact that your owners are all dead. I ripped through their neck and flesh, and it was over within moments.”

Fear started to creep within the bull’s soul. Was it true that this lioness had performed such a brutal act of murder? It could not be true. His owner had family, wife and three small children. A teardrop started to build inside his right eye. It just could not be so. They had spent so much time with him, and seen the children grow up. Visions came to him about when they played with him, fed him, and rubbed him to cleanse the dirt away.

“You can drown in your memories, but there is no way left for you to survive. You’re my feast right now. I hope you understand.” Her eyelids grew closer, giving him an evil watchful eye. She cried out, “The sooner it gets over, the better it would be for us both.”

Silence groped the tense ambience. The winds hushed in silence, and waves of grassy fields broke down. The birds settled down on trees and chirped, no more. Moreover, the clouds started stirring in the sky above to display shades below.

The bull ignored her. She believed it all to be wrong. The fight before, had come to a stalemate. Therefore, it would be so if it had to come back again. He was not going to give up so soon. He was determined to kill the lioness in defence if he had to. His willingness to live existed within his soul. He would not let it go with ease.

Nonetheless, murky thoughts pierced through, giving him doubts about his survival, if at all, his owners were dead. Was the lioness speaking the truth? He had seen the lioness’s mouth in blood when he had come in front of him. Then he remembered there were vague and tiny sounds coming out of the owner’s house as well. If it were true, there would be no one to help him with it.

Waving out his horns towards the lioness, he spoke back after a long time, “You,” The lioness, surprised, jumped back on her feet, after the long silence bored her. The bull spoke on, “do not have the right to do whatever you wish. And you have no right to murder them in the way you’ve stated.”

They faced each other again.

The lioness yawned at him, “And you have no right to judge what others do.” After a pause, she continued, “In fact, you do not realise yourself, that you were your owner’s slave. They used you for growing up crops they yielded to fill up their stomach.”

“And so they did fill mine too. They’ve always satisfied me, taken care of me, as if I’ve always been part of their family. They play with me. I’ve seen the children grow up all along.”

“You’re a fool to look at it that way, and wouldn’t even know what true freedom is. You’re just a lousy little fool, allowing them to exploit you.”

“What more would I wish for, if they do not harm me. They give me food and shelter, and even rub over my body, cleaning it on regular basis.”

“And so it is that you accept yourself to become their slave for the food, shelter, and cleaning that they provide you. Nevertheless, how it would be now, I wonder. You would die of hunger and thirst, with no cleaning and rubbing, you’ll get dirt and mud all over you, and you’ll be either driven out or ignored, or exploited by someone else for their benefit.”, the lioness said, converting her tone into one that displayed the cunnings of a fox.

“And what good do you do? You slaughter the humans, feed over other animals who do not harm you. You’re nothing but a devil who comes in the shape of a beast who feeds on the flesh of others, draining their lives. Your words are no blessing to me, but I shall not take them as a curse as well. And if it has to come to a fight until death, may it be so.”

“Then fight you shall have.”, proclaimed the lioness, with a jaw-splitting roar.

“May the gods give you peace.”, said the bull in his calm words, and started to wave his horns at her.

Both the bull and the lioness tapped their paws on the ground to resume their battle. Once they were ready, they charged towards each other.

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