Be aware, for Dragons live among Us

They’re in my mind, swimming through my deepest thoughts. Involved they’ve been since I saw them a long time back, and it has been a decade since. Soaring heights and displaying vibrant colours are scales embedded into skin along their body. Continue reading


We, the Dragons, shall live, for all eternity!

“We live forever. It is only what you shall perceive what you see, nothing more.” – Dragon Queen Bargrathmarsithfa.

I’m the great Dragon Lord Arachmahphracth.

And that is not my true name. For it shall stay hidden from all other races. Continue reading

Legendary Dragon Queen – Prologue – Terrors

Legendary Dragon Queen – Synopsis:

In a world where life thrives with different races, dangers lurk in all corners of the planet and none are safe at any given moment. Travellers are lost and never found. In this terrible world of terror, a dark legend is about to wake up.
Within the borders of the various kingdoms, corruption, politics and hatred has evolved through the growing terror that lies deep within the human souls. The fate of the human race and its kingdom lies only in the hands of those who can face their fears, become courageous, and believe in a destiny that can be changed.

Please note – This story is both a work in progress and a first draft.

The morning was bright. The sun beyond the hills lay far to the east beyond the forests. There were sounds full of twittering birds and insects. On few occasions, the air would fill with sounds of low growls, those that lay within the forest.
Outside along the path that lay across the river that flowed in parallel to it, stood a shiny spectacle of rock that spit out light across from within the river. There were lots of other jewels around it as well, but this one, was more than anything anyone would have had seen. With the rising currents in the river, the jewel would get caught up into the water current and flow downstream. Continue reading