Gabriel noted the place as if filled with innocence, the last and only light visible appearing from a crevice in the small opening at the top of the cave high above. Behind him lay the path where he come from to explore these caves. Wishing for his sole purpose to getting lost for a few days, a vague and confusing thought, yet with an understanding to come down and enjoy the solitude.

Setting up his base camp in the centre of the cave where he could only hear his own voice echo as he whispered with subtle lip movements. Going towards the cave’s entry point, he used a white-coloured spray to identify where he had come from. Tired from travelling, he decided to take some rest. Daylight would still be for another twelve hours. After leaving for his trip at dawn, it had taken him around three hours to reach here. He had challenged himself to keep all of his technological gadgets back at home where he was obsessed with using them in his daily life. Now, he had decided to pull it off. Determined to get a detox for a few days to stay away from them, he had packed food supplies worth a week, a small tent and some clothing into a rucksack.

Before entering the cave, he had seen a carving above the cave opening, after he had walked inside for half a kilometre. It read “Welcome to your new life of solitude.” Gabriel had liked it immediately, and recalled of his last visit, about a week ago. He had read the message, and had decided to go back home, and come prepared to make his stay in this temporary home.

In the beginning, he had thought there might be other people here. But it was untouched by humans. Not wondering who had carved the message, he felt happy and joyful to be alone out here, undisturbed by people in any way. Now, he was alone, sitting down on his bedding he had created to rest for a while, before exploring the caves.

To his disappointment, it seemed that only one point of entry existed. It looked like it was just him alone in the cave, with no more smaller ones that might be used for sleeping during the ancient times of the cave dwellers. Resting for about half an hour, he assumed it would be noon by now. After having some food and water, he looked into the dark distance of the cave, only to be surprised by the depth of the emptiness, the lack of walls that he had thought had been there before he had slept. As he walked towards the darkness, he saw a wooden stick strong and long enough to make a torch of flame like those used during the ancient and medieval eras. He had brought his torch with him. But he thought the flame torch would burn brighter and show him more of his surroundings.

With his wooden torch of fire, Gabriel set forth into the darkness of the void. He glanced back to see his base camp, where he had kept all of his belongings, except for a small pack where he had packed some food and water. Moving ahead into the darkness, he reached so far that when he looked back, the base camp looked like a very small place that looked as tiny as an ant. If he went farther, he might lose track of his location. Just before deciding to turn back, he came close to another wall in front of him that read “Restart”. There was a gap in the wall, small enough to slip into and reach to the other side. With the base camp in sight through the crevice, Gabriel decided to progress towards the other side. As he traversed, he reached a tunnel, small enough for him to crawl through.

Reaching outside at the other end of the tunnel, he came out to see a vast open beach in front of him. Impossible, he thought. How in the world could a beach so long be hidden inside these caves? The sand sprinkled away as he walked towards the shore. He watched the walls of the cave spread above him, darkness engulfing him everywhere, and the sound of small ripples and rhythmic waves crashing silently against the beach, attempting to gain more ground into the sands nearby.

Looking back, he saw his own shoe prints, back towards the tunnel where he came from. And as he turned back, he saw a small flicker of light in parallel to the wall along the beach. As he walked towards the source of light, he heard the waves grow more and more silent. The distance between him and the water increased gradually. When he came towards the light in front of him, he saw his own base camp, with all of his stuff placed exactly where he had kept. Confused regarding the way he had travelled, Gabriel crafted a map in his mind. If his own base camp was back there, it wouldn’t be possible for something like this to exist. There was no way he had turned along the way. And neither had he made any turns while he was in the crevice or the tunnel. However, there was only one thing in common. Both the crevice opening and the crawling tunnel entrance had a view of a base camp. Nonetheless, it would never be the same. It was probably an illusion.

But when he got closer, and searched through his belongings, he saw that all of his belongings were real, and neither was anything misplaced nor missing. Had someone brought his stuff here from his original base camp? Was someone playing mind games with him? It all confused him. When he tried to hear the waves, he couldn’t hear them anymore. He tried to look nearby at the entry location where he had marked on entering the cave. But that seemed nonexistent. The vast darkness lay in all directions around him, except for the wall that he had walked along the shore. But now, after trying hard to search for it, he couldn’t even see the wall anymore.

Keeping in mind, the direction where he had come from, he first marked his belongings with a sign that read “Near the beach”, before he walked back in the same direction he came from. But there were neither the sounds of the waves nor the touch of sand along the beach. Walking in sheer darkness along with his torch, Gabriel stood silent, trying to feel his surrounding environment. Where am I? What is this place? Give me a sign? When he opened his eyes, he didn’t see anything, except for the base camp that was lit with the light that came through the crevice in the ceiling. Walking farther away from the base camp, he reached another wall where there lay another gap in between. When he checked back, the base camp seemed to look similarly small in size as when he had went through the crevice between the walls for the first time. He tried to see if there were any markings above the opening. And there they were. “Restart”, it read again.

Passing through the crevice, he saw inside, a path that would take him up along a flight of stairs. Where do they lead? What is this place? After about five hundred long steps, he came upon a landing, where he saw mountains in all directions. It looked as if he was in some sort of a valley, surrounded by mountains. The most surprising thing to look about everywhere was that the mountains glowed in the darkness. Blue, red, green, violet, yellow, orange, and white colours took shape of the flowing mountains organically, as if they were a living, breathing organism, sleeping in the midst of nowhere, and yet within the boundaries of the cave he had entered. And high above, almost at the top of the tallest mountain from the range, Gabriel saw a small light that showing him something different in comparison to the colours of the mountains.

As he came close to the base of the mountain, he saw a pair of shoes placed on the ground, all tidy, clean, and untouched. Realising that the climb would give him a lot of problems with his current leather shoes, he removed them and wore the soft and comfortable mountain climbing sports shoes, unused by anyone. Even as he climbed the mountain through the forest and gravel, the undergrowth swelled below him without disturbing his journey up. Gabriel didn’t falter taking steps to close in on the sight in front of him, the light that lay completely different as compared to the colour of the mountains. It became brighter and brighter as he closed in. When he reached near, he could see what the place finally was. It was his base camp, placed next to an entrance of a cave. Cautiously moving, he read the sign he had marked on his belongings. “On the mountain”. This definitely proved that it wasn’t his in the first place. He was sure he had written some different text. But what was it? He couldn’t remember now. He tried to recall himself where he was. What was his surrounding environment? He couldn’t recall it anymore. Although he remembered where he had entered in the first place, where the cave was, he couldn’t figure out where he had seen his base camp before coming to the mountains.

He looked into the cave that lay nearby. And on top of the opening was written “Restart”. There it is again. Things have something to do with this word. Why does it say so? What is its significance? Why am I in a place like this in the first place? But all of his questions were left in vain. It left open no answers in sight. Should I walk into the cave? Should I explore some part of this place where I currently am? Why am I not curious to know the truth of this place? Why am I being so desperate to get out? Is this a dream? It should most likely be. But even when he pinched himself to inflict pain, it hurt, and made him realise that it was all real. He went back to his base camp, picked up his diary and started writing into it. With all the description of the world placed upon the entry in the diary, Gabriel tore a bit of paper from his diary that included the date of the calendar, and wrote “Written about the mountains. Continue here on.” He placed the torn-off paper from his diary into his shirt pocket, and later, ate and drank food from his stash.

Once done, he climbed to the top of the mountain, where he saw himself surrounded by a carpet of mountains on all sides, with yet another organic flow of glowing colours on all sides. The view filled his heart with joy and the beauty of scenery in ahead of him. Goosebumps churned, giving him shivers along his spine. His head filled with bliss, and tears streamed out through his eyes without knowledge. He felt on top of the world, standing like a monument of the lone conqueror, the sole army of the world. He lay there for a while until it made him feel cold from the height he was located. Coming back down to the base camp, feeling the greatness surge through him, he glanced through the cave opening to see if there was anything significant around. With nothing of interest, he slept at the camp inside the tent. The night passed. When Gabriel woke up, he still found himself in the dark of the night, within the shelter of his tent he had made for himself.

After consuming some more food and drink, he passed through the cave opening. There he found a slide going down, tilting in various directions to direct the object travelling lower and lower. Initially, the flow appeared spiral in shape. But later, the slide twisted and turned in various directions. It didn’t make much sense to him. If there was a need to go somewhere, it would have been better to implement elevators and travelators installed. But there were none. Nowhere nearby could he see anything besides the cave opening that would lead him back to the base camp outside. He placed the torch next to the wall of the cave, then rested himself on the slide, and let go.

He heard the sound of something clicking very close. With a little upward movement, the entire steel section where he lay was released on to the slideway. And with the smooth roll, Gabriel went down along with the slide, to where nobody had ever gone before. Would there be a way back? Will I ever get out of this? But these thoughts were simply passing by. He felt it inside him. The journey would take him away from all the pain of the world he had lived for so long. Restart… Restart… Restart… It all comes clear to me now. It is us that we need to restart our lives to a fresh new beginning, a whole new chapter. But how? Will I ever get answers? Or are they even part of all that is around me? The slide zipped across different areas, darkness reigning everywhere, with no sight to watch. There was only the wind that brushed like a winter hurricane, blazing and surrounding everything, chilling down every part of the body, right down to the bones.

Everything went dark and hollow. He didn’t feel anything for some time. He couldn’t see, and yet he knew he was passing through zero-gravity, falling down into the void. The darkness below had surpassed its limits. Would there be an end to this? It kept on going, reaching farther and farther down below into the depths of the unknown where he knew not what he would face. What would it be? Unconsciousness hit him during the fall. He felt all the pain give away, his manifestation of this world losing its grasp on what he knew of his own persona. Leaving it behind to become his own true self, what life truly was. That sense of being with everything, and all that is around is none but his self-image, each of it nothing but a part of himself.

When he woke up, he saw the slide underneath him. And there besides him, was the base camp again. Looking up, he saw the graceful light flow down through the ceiling. That’s when he knew. He was at his original place. The walls of the cave existed. He could see them clear, and up close, to make up the entire cave itself. When he went to check his belongings, the sign on his belongings read “In the cave”. When he opened the diary, it mentioned about the description of the cave and how it felt like to be here alone in solitude. As he reached the end of the text, he took the torn-off paper from his shirt pocket, only to read “Written about the cave. Continue here on.”. He felt weird. Had I been here all this time, day-dreaming and imagining places? He still felt that he had been to someplace other than this cave. But where? He saw the sports shoes he had worn had changed back to the leather shoes he had worn when he had come into the caves. But when he packed all of his stuff back into the rucksack and reached the cave opening, Gabriel saw the mountain climbing sports shoes next to it. As he started to leave, he saw something written above the opening. It read, “Restart. Live. Enjoy. Experience. You are everything. Everything is you.”.

He left the cave tunnel and went home. But even in his dreams, he could feel himself of the change inside. Were there any answers to questions that didn’t have any? A life was something to live, enjoy, and experience. We are all and everything around us. And everything is an image of our own self. But why is it so important to have a restart? Is it about letting go of our persona? Or something else? Is it possible to gain access to our true self, and then restart and rebuild our life? These were the questions Gabriel asked himself. There was none who could answer. It was his path of life, his journey into discovering his true self.

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