Void of Existence

I’ve crossed the boundaries of existence. There is no sign of it, more like extinct, it doesn’t exist. It’s no longer a perspective, and there is no view, neither light nor darkness. It only seems void of all matter. Unable to recall my past, something has cleansed me of whatever I seemed to have known. I don’t even know how I exist in this realm of meta-existence, I presume. Questions are all I have. Did I have a past? Will I have a future? Am I supposed to question the existential void? Is there anyone watching me? Or even my progress of what’s happening to me? Am I in some phase of transition, or did I die in my previous life? Have I been created afresh from nothingness? Am I in heaven or hell? I fight to speak up, but the syllables never commence.

“SILENCE!” A sharp, screeching voice comes from within. A terrifying echo silences my breath and shudders the essence of existence itself. “Relax,” the voice turns gentle as the winds across the sea, “you’ve questioned my existence for quite a while. And I’ve been patient enough. However, tolerance has a threshold. When crossed, all doubts pierce through these thick existential walls. Your insignificant presence within this void spills chaos everywhere and disintegrates all of the known and the experienced. Have you any idea what you’ve done with your puny little thoughts?”

I haven’t the slightest idea of what’s going on right now. Although, it’s clear that I’m not allowed to think and question what’s happening to me. I can’t begin to-

“QUIET, NOW!” The bone-chilling words break all of my defence barriers. “You shall think only when you’re permitted. Every syllable comes with a disgrace, worse than the excretions of humankind. To summarise you into an erratic entity is an insult towards all that exists. You deserve expulsion, where you shall have to learn and experience the hardships of all three ways – before and during life, and after death.”

I believe I have the right to know a lot more. What, who, and where am I? Why am I held here, like a captive, within nothingness? Why my questions are left unanswered? I don’t need to fear you. What’s the worst you can do – destroy my spirit, my very essence that is a part of you? I feel a moment’s pause, and then I reach out to whatever’s communicating. But I feel no physical space. I am spread out thin within the void, and yet, I’m sure of my existence in a form I’m unable to perceive through any senses. I may not have them at the moment. Maybe, I should demand them back.

“How dare you defy the rules I lay down in front of you? How dare you speak with such disrespect and discourtesy, insult every bit of my guidance? It’s unbelievable to see such a pathetic creature of inexistence challenging the master of all by making demands without earning them in the first place.”

If I could recall where I was, and what I used to be earlier, I’d mention all of my purpose and all of life’s work I’d done to get here. Maybe, that would weigh some to earn what I demand to ask.

“You do not have my permission to think, you unbearable nucleus of the bacteria from within a human gut. Maybe, that’s what you’ve earned. It’s a shame to infuse such a low-life creature with an individuality of a higher perspective – fallen from the heavens into the sewage waste.

My thoughts shall all remain within myself. I shall think no more. What’s happened has happened. Perhaps, I deserve it all. Maybe, it’s all too late for me. I might’ve done something purely-

“Evil, you might think in your case. That’s exactly why you’ve earned this.”

My mouth would’ve gasped open in surprise if I had one.

“You’re completely intolerable, inefficient, inadequate, and worthless, confused, brainwashed, hateful, undeserving, lonely, and filled with self-doubt, opinions, ignorance, and selfish lies. You care for none other than yourself. You’re careless, judgemental, and self-centred.” The voice paused for a few moments before continuing. “It is with pity I enlighten you over your past. Knowledge and experience are stripped off of you; detached away of everything you were before, derailing your purpose from its deranged path.”

I’m at your mercy if that’s the case. It’s you who can, beyond doubt, guide me through this phase. Let it be a transition, an intervention, or a conclusion for my travel towards the end of existence. I accept your command and agree with what lies ahead.

Neither one thinks or speaks for a while. Time becomes immeasurable in any form, with life never existing on this plane. It either lasts for a few seconds, or even a thousand years relative to which existential plane it belongs. But here, there is no reference of time in simple terms. Neither existence nor void dictates its presence. It merely stands out on its own without their influences.

“Your current behaviour and attitude have allowed for some concessions and exceptions on your behalf. Accepting your true self, and acknowledging that which you were made aware, given no proof, has certified you towards a new path. A path that’ll take you through pain and suffering, but it’ll help you accumulate and assess the stripped-off knowledge and experience. It is, without doubt, that you should traverse the Halls of Second Chance that lie ahead of you. Whether to choose it or not, however, is not yours to decide.

“There are, nonetheless, a few options you can choose to take, each one having its benefits and disadvantages. It shall be an understanding of responsibility as to your existence. There may be a few choices to make, but enough for you to realise what you’ll have to go through. There won’t be much need of your thoughts, for the transition shall strip you of everything. You shall have no idea what your life would be. The most subtle ideas extracted from your past would define your existence. Consider it all as a fresh learning experience. It is what you’ve chosen to be, and it shall be yours alone to walk the path that none other has yet marched.

“Mark my words, you filthy little soulless creature,” the voice within gradually raises its intensity, and then lowers back down, “and make no mistake. You shall have a countdown towards your self-destruction based on the choices you make via actions and words. They will play a major role in conditioning your progress towards a potential uplift, or a sheer downfall.”

Silence gathers everywhere. Nowhere does anyone know where the voice goes. A substitute collects my presence, or rather my essence. It hints towards the oncoming traffic of infinite neural network of existential planes, an immeasurable count of clusters closing in, and drifting away into the farthest location, known as the Void of Existence.

Acknowledgement: This inspiration comes from the Reedsy prompt – Write a story told exclusively through dialogue.
Please feel free to check out their other writing prompts at https://blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts

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