The Loyal Doorway

Life is a bowl of mixed ingredients filled with our best and worst fears. Think of it in terms of anything. Can we just let go all that we possess? Do we anticipate and worry too much?

This is my story. Although I’m deprived of sight to see what lies around, I continue to listen and feel the wind. There are certain moments when I’m forced to concentrate deeper on topics I may not have any interest at all. Nonetheless, this is my life, a door, passing information from one outside to the inside. I am the only passage for your exposure to the timbres that envelope and send you towards a release of blissful emotions.

The daily routine dialogues, the never-ending bickering of people in the vicinity, and the irregular and infrequent banging of anger and rage that follows after the ever-increasing bubble bomb of irritation, frustration, depression, stress and tension. These are but natural for human beings. The greatness in getting over them all is to block out as much as possible. But it’s only the curiosity that signals me to grab and transmit all that I hear. Why can’t you understand I’m helping you? But all that I try to speak is lost in the wind. Nowhere close does my mind synchronise with that of the human. But we’re the portals. If there’s even a single scratch on me, people will help me out and make me healthier so that I’ll look as good as I have always been for them. Most often, it’s only the same human that holds me and brushes his fingers over me. Rest all assured, they might just be thinking if this person is going insane or mad about me. I’m just a door. Why would anyone want to be so caring and loving towards me? I can neither watch nor speak. What gets at me is when everyone’s asleep, this human tries to watch the healing progress almost every hour. And it happens until I’ve completely healed and am bright outside with my sparkling colours.

On other days, as I am exposed to the winds of my surrounding, different perceptions arise in my mind. But am I not allowed to pass them on? It has always been the domination of the people. Why do they believe and take me for granted every time for all the whispers and short bursts of pop and thrum, hums and vocal vibrations? They say ignorance is a bliss. But why is most of what I tell them is ignored, and those involved simply go about their work? I try my best to work hard on matters that are critical. Do you wish me to shut down so that you come back to flatter me with all your care and loving kindness? Do you wish to remain unaware and devoid of what’s happening beyond your borders? Don’t you wish to experience the beautiful life around and grow up with me? Am I dispensable and disposable for being honest and loyal towards you all my life?

But I shall never have answers until times arrive when I’m forced to shut down, my signals blocked, as my system gradually fails with insects peeling me from within. However, I still have those senses to hear. These are just those times when I’m unable to complete my duty. Nonetheless, those days are simply numbered as different therapies are applied to heal me rapidly.

And when time has passed and my life has been slowing down to degrade and decay, it makes me to trip over certain sounds I hear. It feels more like dams have grown inside me, settling in to disturb the continuous ringing that passes on. I’m trying hard on to maintain myself. But there is only limited life for everything. And it’s always short for almost everything that isn’t self-sustaining. It may only be from a handful to more than a hundred years. But each one of us will have a beginning and an end. For there is life, only when it has an end to it.

As I start counting my days, I find it even harder to know that people who’ve cared for me through direct or indirect means, have themselves become more frequent in alienating themselves from me. I have to start depending on the one who cares for me the most. But as time passes, its love grows thinner every day. I suppose, I shall stay strong and wait until my time comes for me to pass on to my next blissful life I own out there.

I hope you liked the above personification of the door. My imagination was set on the ears of a human being. If your imagination was different from that of mine, I would appreciate if you could spare a few moments to state what manifestation of the door came to your imagination as you read through the above passage. Thanks for your time.

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