Lestaari – A Pathfinder Character

Here is a character backstory & background I’ve created for the Pathfinder RPG for the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path. The locations mentioned are from the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition – Player’s Guide. I’ll be modifying and/or adding more stuff as I delve deeper into the game.

Character – Lestaari

Galadril (an elf male) from the Mierani Forest found Milith (a human female) who had happened to have lost her way. Galadril escorted her all the way towards Riddleport. But the thieves and pirates ambushed them. That was when both Galadril & Milith realised who each other was; they teamed up together quite well to settle down their problem at hand. After that, Galadril felt and saw her love for him, and they got married.

Galadril was an elven ranger, adept & agile in his ways across the forest. Milith had always been a lone wolf adventurer. But soon after they were married, they decided to adventure and explore the world.

When Milith went with Galadril back to the Mierani Forest, he was exiled from the elven lands, banished forever. Milith knew the only place they could get help settling down for the time being, Nybor.

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