Be aware, for Dragons live among Us

They’re in my mind, swimming through my deepest thoughts. Involved they’ve been since I saw them a long time back, and it has been a decade since. Soaring heights and displaying vibrant colours are scales embedded into skin along their body. Every inch lies covered with scales made of tough arms, such that not a single weapon can bring down a thunder upon it. Its claws are thick as spears, and the front teeth strong enough to pierce through human flesh like a knife through butter.

Every time I sit alone, they delve out of my mind like a cluster of baby snakes crawling out of its nest. I get goose bumps with a slightest thought of them. Human, I am, and to think about them is like inviting death. You might think me a fool, or perhaps you wouldn’t. But I wonder what you’d do if a dragon stood in front of you. Imagine its wingspan spread at least five hundred metres wide and reaching an unbelievable figure in length. As you stand in front of it, you could put yourself as one single scale over his body. Dragons smell fear, and they are insulted when someone turns their back on them. What would you do? Stand in front, unable to do anything? Or run away? Obviously the latter would be a quick death. If you choose the earlier choice, you do put up a challenge in front of it. And to that, they will test you, until you shatter and fall, where you would give yourself to death. Do not forget that if you do have any weapon, it can sense what’s on your mind. You can forget about removing it to defend yourself, as you’ll be experiencing last moments of your life. If you wet your pants, it’ll realise you’re nothing but a puny little coward not able to face the dragon. It’ll fly away, but you’ll face its wrath of rubble as it flies away into the distance.

So, what will it be you ask? I wouldn’t speak a word over that point. Dragons have their own way. Whether you’ll live to see another moment or not will remain in the hands of the dragon itself. It is the very moment when the eyes of a dragon are set on you, your soul exists in their mercy. What will happen to you is in their hands. Remember, a single breath is enough for them to disintegrate all matter that belongs to you. How do you think you can survive that? One can never know. None besides the dragon is capable and wise enough to understand it.

I fear not for their existence, but for the uncontrollable anger displayed in their outburst of rage in vengeance. They will blow all the candles that stand to obstruct its path. The expression of anger itself sends shivers through the spine. Do not allow it to feed beyond, for your entire race may happen to become extinct beyond your departure to your next life. Each individual represents an entire species, and how you react could change its decision towards the complete sum. React bravely, and every human would be a challenge. Behave like a coward and the entire species will be consumed in its fire as a need to remove the filth from the world.

I know what I write now. There may be a time when I imagine to face a dragon in real life. Everyone has their own dragon to face some day. Running from it will only make it worse. Face it and defeat it as a challenge. Dragons will appear out of nowhere sometimes, even worse when you expect them the least, or maybe at your worst times.

Although you may not live to see a real dragon, I sense one very close to me all the time. So close that we share a common aura. It could be possible the dragon lies within me, awaiting for the darkest time to come out and grasp me and pull me into sheer darkness as good as pitch-black. I imagine dragons exist in our real world. They may come in different shapes and sizes, but for me it is as mentioned before. What am I supposed to do in front of a dragon of such immense measure? Sometimes I feel them standing right in front of me and I’m unaware of it. They remain invisible, staring at us like suspects of a crime. When the moment a submission is made, a concluding decision comes over the dragon’s mind as it uncloaks itself while we remain unconscious.

I write this with darkness surrounding me in all directions, except for the light coming from the screen in front. But am I alone I wonder. Am I being watched. The truth may lie close, very close, or even at a distance immeasurable. Our senses are limited to only a few, and that is what gives the dragons an advantage over us. They live not only in space but all other dimensions not known to our species. How long would it take to really understand what dragons are made of? Will the human race become extinct among the rule of the dragons? Do they even exist? Are they only a fictional form? Or are they for real? Can we ever find answers to such questions? Only future can show us, if it ever exists.

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