We, the Dragons, shall live, for all eternity!

“We live forever. It is only what you shall perceive what you see, nothing more.” – Dragon Queen Bargrathmarsithfa.

I’m the great Dragon Lord Arachmahphracth.

And that is not my true name. For it shall stay hidden from all other races. My real name is long, and would take you five hours to pronounce my name at full length. And if by chance you do know it, you will perish immediately if you made the slightest error in its pronunciation. How you would perish depends where you erred. You might burn or drown. Lightning might strike you, or the ground would come apart and consume you. In the world where you live, there are 15 billion ways you could perish if you made a mistake pronouncing my true name.

And it’s true for all dragons. My concern for you not to perish compels us into devising names that could call for any risk. And therefore it’s Arachmaphracth. Phonetically spoken as Aar-aakh-maa-phra-akth, and means ‘Aligned towards Righteousness’.

It goes a long way within my family. My Great-Great-Grandfather owned my name, and so did his Great-Grandfather as well. It runs within a family. Every family of dragons have fifteen hundred names, and no other family of dragons can use them. Every dragon within their family is aware of names used.

Our lives have an infinite range. It depends how they wish to live. Back in the past they would resist taking any other forms but their own. Keeping to their dragon form was considered divine and holy for eternity. But as other creatures thrived and humans started to encroach the lands, most dragons went into hiding. Some cast spells to cloak themselves. It was sad for those who were stubborn and showed pride. Men hunted them down. It was our right to own all skies, lands and oceans. But they fought bitterly against us, and won. Men hunted down dragons one by one. We never had a chance to fight a battle. Our pride and stubbornness became our weakness against us. You can infer how long we’ve lived so far.

Each of us lives as far apart from the other in the world dominated by man. Everyone exists in the form of either man or any other living creature. These were the steps taken by some of the wisest dragons during our past generations. And they’re followed by every single one of us.

Your beliefs have made us popular in legendary tales. We run along through your imagination, in books, movies, comics, and other forms of entertainment. For you, we have perished long ago. But collective human mind communicates better to create long forgotten forms from the lost eras, although man is far from depicting our true form.

You may disagree why I come out and declare myself as a dragon to each one of you. And you might also ask why now. I am bound to all our principles we follow, and so I cannot give you the information you wish. As far as safety is concerned, it is we who keep you safe as much as possible. With dangers luring through the nights, it is our help that you receive sometimes. Some dragons come out of their hiding and help conserve humanity. And we’ve been fortunate to not have displayed any proof of our existence.

The fear of your race to face the unknown creates insecurity and compels your innate behaviour of nature to react. And with our true form it would. We outnumber over all the human population against a single dragon. If you feel threatened for what I speak of, it’s normal and every dragon understands it. But make no mistake. There were thousands of dragons when the human race emerged. And we’ve multiplied as well and exist in billions now. You can well understand the threat we create for you.

But you’re mistaken. We do not have grudges towards creating any threat towards the human race. Your relation to us, equals that of you towards an ant. Know that we may live as any other living creature. It could be a bird, an insect. Even a domesticated creature. It could even be the plant you grow in your backyard or window. And there may be some who are humans as well, with complete match through all 236 billion dimensions.

I do not know how to comfort you. It is our existence that confluences towards a single destination. Perhaps it’s in both our destiny to coexist in the future. Or maybe there’s still time for the human race to prepare themselves into understanding the dragons. All I would say is that we mean no harm to you, and come in peace. Your species is one of the most intelligent ones. But there is a lot to learn until you understand the true nature to coexist with us.

I can only hope for that day to come soon with haste. I wish you peace over all the pain that exists between two humans. It sounds foolish for you to have grown up, and even after so many years you fight among yourselves. You are immature as an entire race and should try to become one. Fight with others, instead among yourselves. Only when all your internal battles within your race ceases, it would equate to taking the first step for a growing infant child. Remember, life will always be a mystery and there is more to it that you’ll ever think of at any point in your future.

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