An Evil Feast

NOTE: Some of the following text can harm the psyche of individuals. Readers below the age of 18 are advised not to read it.

I cannot tell you much. Our principles forbid sharing our experiences with mortals who dwell in this world. I shall try to be brief as possible. Some information could be vague and general in the matter. This, of course, after taking the permission of the great Dragon Lord Trakhtarakht, all my writings shall be available to the collective knowledge of the wizards. There shall also be a screening beyond my writing, by dragons unknown to my knowledge. Along with them, the wizards of Trimbaktwah will place upon all dragon knowledge, the spells of turnover; in that, no individual without permission shall be able to read any written material of the dragons. Your mind, body and soul may have access to this knowledge, if you can read this. I should make myself clear, that in case if you see any empty space(s), do know that those words are not for you to know. They shall always remain that way for you.

Without further delay, I will write in my journal, what I know about the most auspicious meal a great evil had. It was during the days of lost souls, when spirits roamed the lands. Everyone was in danger of becoming the hunted. It took mere moments to consume those who were not intelligent. Others fought their way against an endless wave of death and destruction. Most races reached the brink of extinction, as it was only a matter of time before they would cease to exist forever. They became desperate and came together. I was surprised to hear, after our leaders summoned us to assist them. It was heard that all the races were in such a desperate position that they would agree to sacrifice a thousand cattle for us to help them. The offer was enticing.

However, the Dragon Queen did not allow that, for it would create an imbalance over nature. The world would never be the same with this kind of sacrifice. However, our leaders gave them a different task. The task was to [HIDDEN SCRIPT – THE LENGTH OF THIS TEXT DOES NOT MATCH WITH WHAT IS ORIGINALLY WRITTEN].

When they agreed on it, we fought the great battles, incinerating the spirits throughout the lands. When we saw different races getting tortured, I felt sympathy over them. It was better to die than remain consumed by them. The horror was too great in my eyes.

In one of the battles, the race of men was on the threshold of destruction. The sight was a tragedy. Men went mad after a certain time. They went on to rape women. They did not even leave the young girls. As dragons, we sustained the vision to see whether they were in control of themselves or not. We did not witness one single man on the battlefront in control of himself. There was no choice but to obliterate them with our breath of fire and ice. Those who had gone back home would have to be cleansed in a different manner.

After the initial purge of the lost souls, we had to flush the infected ones who did not display insanity. The wizards cast shape-shifting spells over us. It was fortunate for us to have all our dragon senses, without which it would not have had been possible in our quest to be a success.

Once we entered the great man-made cities, we encountered men torturing other men, women and children. Gifted with the sight to watch those who were not in control of themselves, we destroyed the men infected by the lost souls. There were cries and tears of sorrow everywhere. We had the ultimate right to make sure none of those wretched things survived. Nevertheless, the worst was yet to come. The wombs of raped and pregnant women and children displayed life controlled by the lost souls. There came the problem of aborting the child, but it was not as easy as it was. The unborn child, if aborted, would take along the life of the host, its mother. There was not much to think and decide. The races discussed the matter and advised the men to disallow any birth to occur. Such an outcome would result in an invitation to an unconquerable death. There would be nothing from this world, which would bring it down.

The humans agreed. Abortions over a mass scale occurred. The pregnant women and girls would have to take poison. Most of them accepted it. For those who did not, poison found them mixed in either food or beverage.

After the threat of the lost souls upon the world was over, every race feasted. However, the dragons did not. The wizards felt great pain over the abortions and killing of pregnant women and children. They went into depression.

Nonetheless, we feared for something worse. Moreover, it came to be true within a year’s time. We heard of death and destruction in a few villages of men. Few of us went, only to discover the entire village in chaos. Houses were on fire, humans stood on roads not moving. It was when we saw a few broken stones of people, we realised the horror we had expected to become reality.

I am sure whatever evil came from the womb, had displayed the cursed events of its creation. It had left the village; there was no way to track it. Perhaps, it could fly, the wizards had said. Every year or two, a village experienced its wrath. None of the races became exempt from it. At least a thousand people would die in each attack.

None of the races could even track its path. Those who survived spoke of something that flew in the skies, who breathed fire. All they would say was that the source of fire was invisible. In addition to whatever it was, they deduced its eyes had powers to convert the living into stone in a single glance.

Centuries have passed now. The evil has not invaded any village, town, city or a dwelling. The creatures of the wilderness do not exhibit any signs of unusual deaths. It looks like the great evil has died on its own. The dragons rest, assuming it as dead. Nevertheless, I still fear it. I try to convince them of my theory, but they are not. I am sure the beast has gone into hibernation. Moreover, when it wakes up, it shall become hungry even more than what it was earlier. I am scared of what would happen then.

My eyes sour in thoughts that make us regret, for we did not succeed in saving our world. It would only be a matter of time, when this absolute and perfect evil comes out of hibernation, and displays its true nature in the act of death and destruction.

I cannot but think how great this meal would be, that it would truly consume the living in one simple glance. For now, this is not a thing to worry about, but time will tell. I can only hope that such a time would not come upon this world.

With that, I can close my eyes for a few moments, which for you might last for months, perhaps years.

This post is inspired from The Daily Post’s Writing 101 June 2014 Challenge – Day 10: Happy (Insert Special Occasion Here)!

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