The Traveller

I did not move, but it felt otherwise. When I opened my eyes, the beauty of the cosmos manifested into my vision. The vast blackness of space surrounded me in all directions. In this vast universe of a trillion stars, I was lost in deep space. An escape pod it must have been, I don’t remember any more of it. My memory appears to have lost long ago. Neither do I remember my name, nor any incidents which occurred in the past. My body is encased within a white suit, and I watch through glass, the picture of space I lay in.

The sphere is immeasurable and infinite. There is nowhere to go, my suit doesn’t provide me to accelerate in any direction. With my hands and legs stretched, I still move in a direction unknown to me. The last thing I remember, what was it? I can’t even recall what happened before. Where was I? I wish to remind myself. If I could have a glimpse or a vision.

Moments after concentrating hard, I felt sweat trickling down my face. It originated from my inner nose. But still, sweat doesn’t come out from within a nose. My face felt hot, the curved glass in front of my eyes filled with moisture. My vision of the outside became blurred with specks of humidity growing over the visor. When it reached my lips, I tasted it to confirm if it was sweat, or something else. And to my horror, it had a combined taste of sweet and sour. And if it was sweat, the liquid wouldn’t be thick, and should have spread out on my tongue. I extended my tongue to look into the dim light located inside the helmet. A chill went through my spine as I realised it was a drop of blood.

Due to my rotational motion, the view changed. I felt a different view each time I looked outside. I was in a galaxy, but I didn’t know which. It wasn’t the Milky Way. There wasn’t a stretch of stars I could locate. What I saw contained stardust and nebulae, displaying a multitude of colours. A third of the entire space around was coloured. But within minutes, I rotated to get a different view. I imagined it as a picture surrounding me, and a part of it would expose itself to me always.

I heard a faint beeping sound somewhere in the distance. But I knew it was within my suit. As I brought my forehand in front view, the reading for breathable air was displayed in red and flickered every three seconds. My life would soon cease to exist. But the sights I saw, were incomparable to anything beyond eternal beauty. Giving my life to watch a blissful sight could be justified by those who lived to see such moments all along. It feels like an eternal hand reaching out to you, and granting you a privilege that fills your spirit with ecstasy, radiance and satisfaction.

This post is inspired from The Daily Post’s Writing 101 June 2014 Challenge – Day 08: Death to Adverbs

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