A Wealth of Nature

The aura of nature surrounds me, spreading its fragrance with eternal spirit. A blessing of souls enchants over subtle attributes through all senses gifted to me. Every time I blink to close my eyes, I see different ideas, concepts and visions of reality.

Sometimes there are curved landscapes of grass swaying with the breath of wind. These thoughts seep through the pores of skin, deep into the skeletal structure, and pass through veins and nerves into the embellishment of neurons burning bright within my brain.

At other times, I feel the movement of leaves fluttering through the dense forest, which raises over an unending source of soil beneath the layer of trunks that lay resting over the grounds below. These provide me with feelings of eternal bonding with what I’ve been born and raised in life. It feels like everything around me is not only a source of life that leads me into an indefinite growth, but also the sense of understanding of dependence over which I shall place myself to empower my surrounding beliefs of physical constructs and behaviors.

Once or twice I have seen barren grounds filled with cracks all over. And when I look up in the sky, the scorching star raises temperatures towards the boundaries of tolerance in survival. But these are merely what I shall compare to the sufferings of what I have lived through and what I shall encounter during my lifetime. And it is not the affair of someone else to play its part in aiding me to grow out of, but mine alone. I now remember, all those troubles while I was young and happened to be just a child. Everybody called me a shining star, but they never felt the troubles I ran through. Only after I walked away from society, peace graced me with its shelter. But I am troubled not from it, for I have learned to understand and live along with a society which surrounds us all.

With such visions embalming over the sufferings in life, I cannot but wish to inhabit my life in what I can feel through my senses. There are many others who would be searching for a similar experience in life. But they do not simply come in, and they need to be bred and spawned from within the intellect, through the power of enlightened imagination. A doorway is all that needs to be opened, to allow and invite all the forces of nature into consuming the life-essence of your very existence. Dissolving and merging yourself allows you to embark on the journey of your soul and keeps you going to an ever-growing spiritual development of the self.

This is what my view displays from the windows, which lie not in front of me, but rather embedded inside. Would you be willing to embark on such a journey I’ve ridden since an everlasting amount of time? Are you ready to endure through the troubles of life to allow yourself to grow out into a beautiful flower which looks onto the glimmering wave of starlight?

This post is inspired from The Daily Post’s Writing 101 June 2014 Challenge – Day Two: A Room with a View (Or Just a View)

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