Musical Harmony

Dreams are created from the concordance of music we discover through our everyday lives. There are sense and nonsense, good and bad, sweet and bitter, tasty and tasteless. Music is a drug which produces a notion of movement into the flow of what goes on during our lifetime. There are sudden urges and barriers to either do something that you wish to perform, certain things that may or may not go well with your surroundings that fill up everywhere.

Life tends to be bitter for most people. There are times when hardships come and go by, like clouds hovering through the sky, or an eclipse, which traverses over a region above our planet. Music creates the form we are bound to live along and flow with. Life wouldn’t be so full of needs, wants and desires without music. Every pinch of sound that creates the soft and hard strokes of this universe balances in harmony through the flow of music. The hypothesis of a vacuum and that sound does not travel through it is one with a demarcation line. Its physics is justified with a notion of the sound that erupts from the source which does not have any acceleration. Two objects bang in space to create the beauty of music and bring around the essence of being in spirit.

Songs try to create a balance for us, for it acts as a source of a platform towards reaching a goal that we may or may not perceive it to be either fruitful or bitter. The crisscrossing of strings in the acoustical wonders of everything eradicates the discarding of unwanted noises that harm and hurt the psyche. However, it isn’t what you perceive what you start to feel. They are simply waves which your form and the energy within you is not familiar with since a long time. Practicing repetitive listening of musical sources and their sub-branches along the history back into the creation of our universe allows for the balance in every minute detail which covers each and every recursive form of substance.

Treating different kinds of music in different patterns is a matter of preference. There are different ways for one to interact with music, it is how you interpret it with your conscience. There are different ways to think about it, some take them in different forms as well.

Surviving through music is one of the easiest portion life can offer to sustain within. It is the equilibrium of everything known and unknown which exists and doesn’t exist at the same time. Having to live in the concordance of music is the means to exist peacefully and creating no threats to events of variance in disorder.

Substance is what makes us. However, substance itself follows the rules of music played by nature around it created through the forces of physical and mystical contact with the surroundings. Walking parallel with the work of music is the harmonious way of living a perfect life.

This post is inspired from The Daily Post’s Writing 101 June 2014 Challenge – Day 03: Commit to a Writing Practice

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