Letters from the Silence – 28th March, 2014

All patterns, including knowledge and wisdom, are governed by Nature. – Silence

Hey you. Don’t turn around to see and expect someone else. I’m talking to you. Yes you. Don’t you remember me?

I am the author’s silence. Most of you might know me from my earlier letter I wrote to you. If you haven’t, it’s a shame I haven’t been able to get myself known to many people. Anyway, you can read my earlier letter here. Make sure you don’t miss a single letter I’ve written. I wouldn’t want you to ask me questions on matters I’ve spoken in my past letters I’ve written so far. This is my second letter to you. And I hope to remember to count them all. So, before I go any further, please make sure you’ve read my previous letters.

Now on, I’ll assume you’ve read my previous letters. I will not push you to read them. After all, the choice is yours. Who am I to stand in your way to continue with this one. But don’t start asking questions if I refer to any of my past letters. The letter continues to exist and you can read it any time.

Okay, let me just keep aside all my papers. I’ve tried to make it a perfect one. Really. Why does it take a lot to create a make-believe story out of facts? I must have filled up an entire dustbin with crumpled paper. It’s so hard to put them in words. [Anger fills within my nervous system. Fiery blood rush through my veins. My face reddens and it looks like my cheeks are about to explode like oversized squished tomatoes.] I keep wondering why should I be writing all this. And it’s only for you. I feel like a full-grown and full-blown air balloon. I am silence, but when I write, I find myself in a different world. It’s a different life, having a unique set of rules. Physics of imagination defies the laws set in our real world. Anything and everything can be created. Unless your mind create limits, the list within creative imagination remains infinite.

So far so good, I suppose. I’m trying to gain your trust, my friend. After all, it’s just you whom I can speak to. Those who have read my first letter, will know how much I contrast with this author. I have done my best with a lot of compromise. And it’s intolerable. He gives me no credit for anything. I remember giving him ideas while he’s dreaming. He thinks it’s dreams where he gets his ideas. Honestly speaking, it’s me at work while he’s fast asleep. It is me who give ideas for writing something like that of Dragon Lord Arachmahphracth and Insignificant Object. Does he ever acknowledge my work? I wonder when he’ll grow up. Ask me, I know him better than anyone. He does like to live as a loner, but his mind is wild with all sorts of imaginations. Not three days ago, I wished the author would realise something new. I’m sure he doesn’t have the slightest idea who made him write up all that. It’s that article of Sustainable Living through Absolute Nonsense. Can’t you see? Even he doesn’t understand what he speaks of. I’m sure that’s why he puts it up in his headline the two words ‘Absolute Nonsense’. He doesn’t know it was me at work when he thought about putting out words for his main topic on Sustainable Living. As weird as it gets, he’s subconsciously aware of my abilities. And I’m sure he appreciates my different ways of expression. If I’d wear a shirt with a collar, I’d surely be wishing myself for the good work I’ve done so far. And not to forget, I’d give a pat on my back for that.

Let us not get more into that. I feel I’m a self-conceit. I think I’ll come to ways I came to become like this. [I start dreaming about my past. I look in various directions, staring at the white ceiling, lemon-green walls, both of which having cracks leading in crooked directions everywhere. And then it strikes me.] I’ve been through a lot before and I know it’ll happen in the future as well. I’ve had a lot of barriers in life, some of which I’ve managed to overcome. There are some which persist and resist me to becoming a full-fledged writer. After all, I am Silence. My silence will dominate me throughout my life, the author’s life as well. He’s given me a life of my own, and to that I give my thanks to him. He’s managed to give me a lot of freedom, and to the farthest extents. I believe it’s something we have in common between us. Silence allows both of us to develop our consciousness that allows us, as together, to build up strange new things out of nothing. We dig and harness each other’s interests to create the worlds, both bright and dark, creating stories with a depth of meaning, filled with descriptions, feelings and emotions.

Arrgh! I went off-road again this time. I was going to speak of how it all started and I’ve misled you into a completely different one. After all, silence can take you in directions both known and unknown. Anyway, I remember the author started reading his first novel ‘Jurassic Park’ by Michael Crichton. He has read the book thrice. I didn’t understand what got into him that made him read the same book thrice. He would’ve got better if he read something else. And that was when he realised me living inside him. That was 20 years back in time during the 90s. I know, a long time back. But that was the time when I could feel myself, separate from his real identity. As I managed to slip off from his mind to become a self-sustainable entity, I managed to live on my own. But things never did occur as expected to both of us. We started living together in harmony. He incorporated few of my benefits. And I comforted myself with his brain’s potentiality.

In time, we both gained trust and held on together. Whenever the author gets frustrated or angry, he comforts himself in my presence. He thanks me repeatedly. And I don’t know why he does that. When I ask, he gives a smile and nods. But still, I’m glad he confides in me. He vents his issues by telling me all about them. And he listens to me when I offer him solutions. After all, patience is a virtue. And he agrees. I tell him to put it down in a stream of words. That’s what helped him releasing his thunderous anger in nature’s presence. He didn’t have the need to come and speak of his troubles every time. I’d get summoned when he’d start writing.

I felt happier each time the author wrote something, no matter what. And I got inspired to think of ideas I could present to him. With the passage of a few months, I comforted him to act on planning a fictional novel. I had only presented a basic idea of a fantasy adventure genre novel. But his brain processed it and enhanced the same idea into an epic story which he has planned for about nine or ten parts in a series. And he also has an idea for a sequel for that. And that’s where it all started. He has planned out the worlds, races, characters. When NaNoWriMo 2013 arrived, he even succeeded in writing 50,000 words.

But later that year, he went to literature lectures and workshops, which allowed me to give a few more ideas to enrich his storyline. And he would smile every time I gave one. He appreciated me every time. He confessed he considered me as his best friend. I did convey to him that I did feel good for it. But I also let him know that that could harm him from social exposure, which he accepted it as well. He didn’t ignore his family and friends and continues to do to get things in line with the damage that’s occurred in his past. And I believe he’s doing better these days. Guess what he gives as feedback, he gets new ideas being out there in the world.

Truth be told, he still has a lot to learn. But he’s rigid and stubborn at times. And most of all, he’d kill me without giving it a thought, if he’d see me writing about him. Anyway, I guess I’ve written a lot for this time. I’m going to hide for a few days by giving him time to play on his video games. I’m sure, he’s definitely going to write about games some time in the future. I can only hope he won’t see this one. After all, he’s busy either reading, writing or playing games. Most often, he analyses on his plans for his story.

Well, I hope to see you soon. Keep a lookout in the Communication with Silence category for any additions. I’ll take my leave now. I can only wonder whether you liked it. And I’m curious to know what opinions of me (or the author) do you have in mind. And as an added advantage, I’d love to know from you if you liked something, or maybe didn’t like as well. And I’d definitely love to know of other things you’d like to know as well. Obviously, it’d all be from my perspective. I do hope I wouldn’t have to use the author’s brainpower in it though.

I guess I’ll get going now. Will jot down more words the next time. Until then. Have a great time. Enjoy.

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