Sustainable Living through Absolute Nonsense

I write here to make myself jealous caused by my envy towards the beauty of the cosmos. There are beetles drinking pomegranate ice creams filled with vodka and hilarious smoke caused by the historical wars. Life is perfect in no way what seems to be. There’s a difference between the humans and the microbial growth of Mars versus Venus. Look to the future and you’ll observe poo everywhere, including the place you sleep and have your food. Eventually, it is the quantum chaos in action. Corporates sleep in bed with you always, except when you go to make your recurring fixed deposits of defecate.

My furry friends of the past trouble me no more. But they could be my jam and butter and mayonnaise of today. I breathe pollutants of sarcasm, disgust, complaints and selfish desires. They literally pee on me, and bathe me constantly with all their love. I wish to sit down alone with empty thoughts. But guess what. They still come into my dead synapses. I live to think of dragons appearing out of nowhere, but space travel and physics limits them to burst into our world.

There may be I, you, or we (or us). But are we even fit for anything to play in a world of sense where a lot of things don’t make sense? I wish to have molten lava on my bread in the early morning. I want to sit on the spot where geysers spring out like fountains. I want to stay idle along the beach filled with scorpions and spiders. There is no reason for each one of us to live and perform things which don’t make any sense at all.

After all, it is neither my life nor yours. We assume it’s our life. But it can see us. How dare do we betray our creator by saying I or you is not the creator. Ignored are all of us, with the learning and education we received. People speak of true nonsense. Education looks like one. Progeny, sex and masturbation are stubborn hard-core desires of every evolved living creature on this planet. When we see other creatures doing the same, we feel the urge as well. Is it them who need to put some hot and spicy red chilly powder or sauce over their genitals to keep themselves away from getting drugged and pulled into zones of sexual assault and rape? Or is it us?

Our future will take care of everyone. It is only time we can capture. And evolved species will eradicate us from becoming a disease to this planet. Whether it’ll be humans, dolphins, crows, or aliens from outer space, we wouldn’t know until it’s too late to control the matter. How long we crave to push ourselves into destroying ourselves. And pull the world along with us.

If you can understand what I’m trying to speak out, you’re not as dumb as I am. And there’s no hope for substituting curd with beer, or technology with natural beauty, or rocks with hybrid architecture. Calculators emit light in various colours, similar to that of music expressing itself in frequencies. Light and sound are interconnected and both of them can be controlled with a simple consumption of energy which we have with our food. Simply eating light and sound should allow our stomach to fill up. If not, gobble the light or sound source within your stomach and turn on the power. After all, energy can be converted from one form to another. I’ll bet a dinosaur roar will burn all the fat immediately. You want to live immortal, gobble up a starfish. They do have regenerative abilities. But make sure they don’t die once they are inside your stomach.

Vomit and you’ll find toys of immense wonders filled with it. After all, you have all liberty in doing what you may not in the society of today. I’m a shameless identity, filled with envy on my own thoughts. How can I delay such facts of unknown behaviour? Loosen yourself and pour your vomit into your bathtub and make haste before cruel thoughts of sheer lameness tests your pure mind. All of it contains a complete biodegradable waste. It’s your own faeces, only that it’s undigested. It literally is equivalent to the toxic pollutants surrounding you in the air, only that it’s concentration is slightly less than the puke in your bathtub.

Imagine yourself going to a dinner party. It could be a wedding, a birthday, or something else. By the time everyone has eaten their share of food, their bile is busy mixing with the food and making it digestible. How about allowing the dinosaur to come out now. Everyone pukes at the same time. No matter who’s in front of you, it ejaculates with immense force.

That’s how disturbing the environment and surroundings on our planet works. When you deliberately or knowingly disturb nature, it gets back to you. That’s what I wished to explain using a few nonsense words. I hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to have a cookie. I’m sure it may contain something you don’t want to eat. Want to drink something? Sure, go ahead. It surely contains ingredients useful for you to age and die out. Or maybe someone or something has peed into it my mistake. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your life in a sustainable way. Bathe in vomit as there are many people who don’t get water to drink.

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