Nature’s Second Chance

I’m one of them. It’s a fact, not yet known to mankind. Human civilisation depends on us more than ever. Not all are travellers. They’re bound by laws and principles laid out by our giver of life. None of us know who or what gave us our lives. Those who lived when we were born would tell us our true stories of upbringing.

I’m glad to be one of them. We’re one of the travellers. It’s unbelievable to speak of such a skill. We don’t learn any skills, but have attained it with evolution. And I’m sure there are many out there who can do the same. We’re blessed with an ability such as this. As it becomes a curiosity for others, it also becomes harmful for everyone else.

I belong to those few species who can travel through time. I do not know my name. Neither do I know what humans call my species as, nor have I seen a human being in my life. Not yet. And from the stories I’ve heard, I don’t wish to seek them any time in my future. I feel safe where I am, surrounded by others of similar kinds.

It is dangerous to speak of abilities we have. Not only there are humans who are on brink of technological breakthroughs, but there are other creatures as well, animals spoken as myths which run wild along our trunks by day and night.

I’m the curious one though. I’ve lived more than a thousand years. We’re allowed to travel through time only when we’re threatened. Not just any time. After being under constant observation by those surrounding us or living nearby, we don’t execute our journeys to the past and future. Rumours spread with speed through winds blowing from the far and unknown reaches. Limitations try to break us of our rigid and stubborn mentality we’ve gained during our enduring cycle of struggle towards survival.

In this agile world, everyone move in a flash, so the stories speak of. One day there are living forests enriching the planet with a habitable environment. But the next day happens to become a tragedy for them as lives are lost. Forests burn due to various reasons. Only charred trunks remain with the ashes of dead creatures unable to survive through it.

I hear the others speak of people who do such harm on us. Have we done them any harm that they return us such favours? But stories of their population explosion tell me about their needs to survive as well. And to that we reply, how would you live when we cease to exist. We help the planet grow towards a sustainable and habitual existence for all creatures depending on breathable air. Is this what humans don’t wish for? If that’s the case, all those who do not have the ability to time travel will not survive and become extinct.

It is now, that our planet is on the brink where earth will trip over into a harsh environment. It will start playing on itself as it grows more and more vulnerable. There will be loss of life everywhere. After all, it is our mother earth the giver of life, who can take it back as well. Humans have grown more and more aggressive towards the environment. A few of them take actions for the better. Ignorance is dominant for most of them.

I believe our planet has a plan for all of us. Those who fail to help it sustain will not survive its wrath. And I feel our ability to travel through time is one of those few who’ve been chosen for survival. Oh, I can’t imagine the future of life on our planet. It seems like our planet has become a time-ticking bomb. Engraved on tombs of endless graveyards over all lands are names of all existing life that exists now, except for those who can travel through time. I’m glad to be one of them. But I hope such an event wouldn’t come engulfing us to put everyone in misery.

I cannot say what will happen in the future, but I sense the beginning of new life towards a better world. Hope exists, and it is only the actions of man who can hold our planet together.

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