Musical Harmony

Dreams are created from the concordance of music we discover through our everyday lives. There are sense and nonsense, good and bad, sweet and bitter, tasty and tasteless. Music is a drug which produces a notion of movement into the flow of what goes on during our lifetime. Continue reading

Grip of Repetitive Control and Chaos.

Life is close to reaching its final stages, and as dead as dust falling down to the floor. The skies fall on the ground. The hills stand beyond the reach of humans. Civilisation cripples over discrepancies and differences. Countries and regions fight long and endless battles. We can’t compare our life with slavery and survival that used to. Wars decide who reigns supreme.

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Nature – Overview & Awareness.

Nature performs duties, both good and bad. It does good providing rainfall, to those in need of water to drink, and perform farming for their crops. It fertilises the soil, provides a feeling of cleanness in air with the help of trees, and allow enough space for reproduction of life on planet Earth. Nature’s considered bad, when compared with destruction of life. Continue reading

Sustainability – Awareness of Global Heating and Melting of Ice.

With the rise and fall of markets, it is unbelievable for us to remain aware of other traits in life. Use of sustainable technologies started in various countries lately, and it would take time for everyone to plant the seeds and reap benefits out of it. Even though most people say, certain events are unavoidable and bound to happen, because of crossing the threshold point, some remain optimistic about the future. Continue reading