Letters from the Silence – 20th February, 2014

Hear me all. For those who can’t, won’t hear me again. – Silence

It sounds weird to speak of myself, and not a word from the true author. If you aren’t convinced, please give me a chance to prove it to you. If you visit the About page on this blog, you’ll read the blunders created by the author. I realise now how he remains at the bottom of a stack of pages. From what he’s written about himself, he’s wasting his life shifting careers and opportunities that might be knocking at his doorstep. (Psst! Between both of us, I think he’s making a fool of himself. He’s a graduate in Mathematics, a postgraduate in Computer Applications. What work would you think he’d be doing at the moment? Don’t you think he’d be a researcher, professor, or a significant person in software development? Look at what he’s done. He’s into writing articles, poems, short stories, and planning to write novels too. Don’t you think he’s fooling you, or maybe, he wishes you to think of him that way?)

I may have contradicted myself speaking of this author’s blog. I think I’ve spoken more than enough. How about I speak about me? I’m sure I’d interest you with my life. Not just you, but the entire world. Given the opportunity to communicate with every creature on this planet, they’d even agree with me.

[A dog lives next door. He barked. I’ve always been close to him, since he was a cute little pup.]

I look out the window. And there he stands wagging his tail. My supposedly best friend I’ve ever had in years, since I came into this world. A grown up devil he’s become. He barks at every person he gets his eyes on. But I like it when he chases away stray cats on streets. (This author doesn’t like it. He invites them all and feeds them milk everyday. And when Fluffy, the dog’s name, comes over to chase the cats, he shoos the dog out of the way. I could’ve sworn to beat the hell out of him. He does exactly the opposite of what I like. At times, I feel like giving him hell for real.)

I won’t speak much, for he’d get mad after he’s read what I’ve mentioned out here. Especially when it’s his own blog site. He’s a person who loves silence. At times, he can’t tolerate the noise of traffic coming from faraway. From what I know, there are millions of people who live along the sides of streets, park benches, subways and bus stops. Varied noises surround these people. Public chatter, sound of cars, buses, rickshaws, bikes, oncoming trains, airplanes, police and ambulance sirens. Although the author lives at a distance, these sounds irritate him. Guess what, the sound of the pressure cooker which gives off steam in a neighbouring house irritates him while reading a book. And that’s why he always wishes to live in a silent neighbourhood.

Jokes apart now, I’m crazy you might think. Well? It’s true, to an extent. But I can assure you I can sometimes become mad as well. I do get mad at the author sometimes. He neither wishes me to speak with him, nor does he look forward to having to meet in the future. There was a time I was so depressed by his idea about him dumping me away. It’s been a long time now. He regularly makes me go away, tells me to shut up. He threatens to put tape over my mouth, or sew it up permanently. And so I take leave until he asks for my presence again.

[I walk into the room where the author sleeps. As I get closer, I see him move to his side while he’s asleep.]

I’m glad he’s sleeping. Only yesterday he’d told me about this challenge set by Daily Post on WordPress. And when he told me, it surprised me. The challenge was to write about ‘The Sound of Silence‘. He’d said he would write about his world where silence raises his spirits, increases his energy levels, and motivates him to read and write better. I can guarantee I’ve known him better than anyone else. I’ve been to every trip he’s travelled. He’s unaware, but I’ve been a shadow cast over him, for almost all his life. For all he knows, I know better. As long as I walk beside him, I can assure you he’ll be safe. But I doubt what’ll happen when the day comes when he asks me to leave him alone forever. Although that would give me a shock, I can only hope he would be independent and matured enough to live the rest of his life facing the world.

I know he’s one of those wonderful people who likes to live in silence. And he appreciates it. He gets a piece of mind and makes sure he meditates whenever he gets a chance like that.

[Lying on his bed, undisturbed by the mosquitoes flying outside the net he’s hung it up, he murmurs something. I’m unable to make out anything. Suddenly he sits up and speaks out a word. And I’m dumbstruck as he clearly puts out the syllables of the word ‘Silence’. He goes back to his sleeping position slowly.]

Maybe, it’s time I went off to sleep as well. The more I keep writing, the chances of the author getting up and catching me red-handed increase. But chances are rare. I’ve known him since long and I can assure you he’s not going to wake up any sooner. But I don’t know what he’s going to do when he finds out I’ve written all of this on his blog site. It could be the last day of my life coming in front of you. As a reader, I wish to help you understand what the author has been through. But this is what I speak of him. I know not what’s in his head. I haven’t been able to get inside his mind for a long time. He could be a different person altogether. I might’ve misjudged him as well. The world has underestimated him most of the time. Maybe it’s his luck at play, or destiny has something better in store for him.

I hope people will listen to me and support not only this author, but all those who wish to write for every one of you. Writers write and most of them work in solitude and silence. Some might listen to music, while others may write while on the move. But something’s sure. A writer’s mind does live through silence. It’s possible there’s a place hidden deep within their brains, secured with a hidden lock and key known only to them.

I guess I’m biased towards writers. But it’s not what I wish to imply. Everyone’s significant. The world could be a better place if each of us did something for the world. After all, it is the energy that converts from one form to another. And every change that occurs, creates a wave to send out ripples in all outward directions.

Sssshh! I just heard the author wake up. I believe he’s out of his bed. I’m going to put this up now. It’s my wish that he receives an honest response from you, may it be good or bad. I’ve laid my responsibility down here over this mere sheet of electronic media of hard drives. It may be possible that out of millions, one might want to print it on paper and stick it up on their wall. And that’s okay with me. I’d be happy about it. You could bring change to the planet and live a sustainable life, and allow everything to coexist. Help our planet become a better place.

Believe me what I say. I do mean it. If we leave out what we can’t save, what we know of all the sounds that we listen to, would seize to exist. And that would be the time when silence casts its spell over our planet once more. And you wouldn’t want to exist in such places.

I leave it up to you. I hope you’ll do your best, no matter how small the change it is. The ripples will follow only after the minor changes occur.

Finally, I believe it’s time to introduce myself who I am. Or should I? If I put in my name, you guessed it right, I’d be void of this world the moment he grabs me. Perhaps, I could put myself as “Silence”. That way, he wouldn’t realise who I am. I am the silence that rests everywhere.

Note: All above information is provided in the best possible manner. Any more of it, and the writer’s fate would be different. The writer’s fate is set, but it is the author’s fate you all would have to decide on. His fate is in your hands now.

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  10. Hello Shlomo Reuben.

    First of all, I would like to thank you for your comment and your friendly advice.
    Besides, I wanted to tell how great your writing is. It is like a river, constantly flowing with enough strength to form his own ways.
    Now saying this, I also need to thank you for having me inspired to make this comparison to your lovely writing. (Why? Well, I just got another idea for a poem becasue of this 🙂 )

    With your words you create a flow of emotion, a consitent athmosphere huiding your reader through your train of thought (or the silence’s train of thought).
    I also like the way you make it sound very natural – almost like talking about daily life with an old friend.


    Liked by 2 people

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