A Hope from our Long Lost Distant Relations

Shtanakhari. That is my name pronounced Shta-nakharee. Obviously, it is a short one and not my real name. You would scream and beg for death if you even started to spell it. And please do not even begin to consider what other options there could be. Analogies, predictions, deductions of a human mind are some of the pathetic forms of thoughts any species would have. None of them must’ve conceived of it as a curse lay upon them. But they are none of my concern, as they lie far away as any of us can see in the sky every day. A little tiny dot it is, the Milky Way galaxy they call it. Some of us would laugh at the thought of deciding to keep such a funny name.

But there are those who live there, among humans. They’re shape-shifters, capable of living human lives, their physical and mental bodies harmonized to working with them. They would be called as sleepers in the human world, only here they are called ‘The Cursed Ones’. Once they convert over to a human form, there is no way they would recognize themselves as dragons. They’ve blended well with the humans, but there is still a need for correction in them. But why wake them, progress has been increasingly well. It’s best to let them be as they have been since the dawn of the planet’s habitat. The time when the criminals would be sent out to risk their lives to knowing whether they can survive through the planetary conditions.

Those were the grim days when Plague Casters, Zombifiers, Death Sprayers, Sin Enchanters and Fear Breeders existed. Even though most of them have been cast away or destroyed, the minds of the rest have been corrupted, their disciples created, to carry further the orders of the implanted ideas, concepts and thoughts. The principles that bound any living creature are fierce enough to destroy our ‘Vessel of Life’ (Humans call it ‘Universe’).

Many of the races who prospered, either left in search of a different habitat or died fighting. It was like a darkness spreading its shadows over everything in its path. I would say those who left, made a wise decision. They left without saying a word. And neither did they speak where they were heading. All they did was create huge structures hidden either under magical cloaks and spells, or built them in the subterranean world. However, there were a few unfortunate races whose mighty structures got sabotaged during the process.

It has been an event embedded within our spirits since then. Although our race was at the pinnacle of the chain of all races, the darkness consumed a few and converted them to barricade us from living in peace. Other races accommodated few of us within the mighty structures that shot into the space high above. But half of us remained. Soon, the lights went out and there was darkness everywhere.

Only a few are what’s left of those unaffected. It’s been rather a while since everyone left in the black skies above. We know we’ve been farthest up into the thin air, which literally freezes and chills our physical forms. We haven’t managed to get higher, but the immense craft of various races who succeeded, managed to get beyond heights tolerable by anyone. Space the humans call it, where there’s no air. But they have no idea what it is. And they will all fail since they’ve been cursed.

As for us, we appreciate life for what it gives us. We, those unaffected by the darkness, live together in harmony and spirit. But there are necessary things which need to be done, those which need to be fulfilled, before the darkness consumes us as well and there is no one else. To think of the worse, is to think of unimaginable heights of destruction this darkness can lead into our ‘Vessel of Life’. And since an unknown number of days that have passed over us, the unaffected have tried their best to keep this scourge of evil bound to our planet. But we have known since hours, about the disciples of darkness building huge structures on open ground, protected by innumerable guards that used to be of different races before. We simply wonder in silence how quick our death would be in front of them. But we have not to only try, but succeed in destroying those structures before they leave into the dark skies above and hunt down the rest of the races who have gone into hiding.

To spoil their game, we have come up with a list of what needs to be done before we demolish the structures altogether and none left for them to lift off-ground. The list may not be in a chronological sequence, but will need to be put in place after thought of. For the love of life, this is the plan we would have to carry out to make sure the darkness does not lift itself into space. We can merely hope that following events would occur as expected and that there is no mistaking towards who are filled with dark entities within the minds of the affected:

  1. As there is no possible way to control and defend our position after we make our strike, our primary targets would be to destroy that which is most important for building the massive structures. These would consist of resources, both strategic and other metallic sources, and would include those which are magical in nature.
  2. The Portal of Ice will have to be opened, which is currently heavily guarded by the dark forces. This will allow our world to freeze, creating long winters everywhere, thereby delaying down the process to establish the large constructions.
  3. In order to open the Portal of Ice, all five Fortresses of Thunder would have to be captured. Massive loss of life would occur defending them, for we need a few hours for the ground beneath to rumble our entire world.
  4. The black dragons of Brathbarn will need to become pure in the Winds of Insensitive Life. It will cleanse all darkness that lies within and make them immune to it. Luring them out of the place and leading them into the hurricane shall be the most dangerous task.
  5. The Metallic Fields of Dark Life will have to be destroyed in every place in our world, both above ground and submerged underwater. New dark-infested lives are grown in these areas, which drain out the lifespan from the world we inhabit.
  6. After the Portal of Ice is opened, the subterranean worlds will have to be destroyed and taken care of once and for all. Mining of resources towards the structures will become a priority after the long winters start increasing production time to construct the massive structures. The Dwarves of Doratheen will have to be blessed by the Sea of Thunder to help us fight the battle in the subterranean.
  7. After all barriers have been set up towards the construction of the massive structures, they will have to be destroyed in a way that will stop them from lifting off our world and moving into space. Although I haven’t an idea how we would do that, merely a opinion came in my mind to use their own and lead to their own end. The knowledge of darkness might have a vulnerable point of doubt and suspicion. It is with such attributes that we shall gain over them.

The above agenda should at least confirm to the devastation of the massive structures they have been building towards hunting down every race in the Vessel of Life. We may not have saved our world, but we induce to do our best to saving the eternally spanning Vessel of Life. There may not be much we could do, but even if we could sacrifice our lives to save others, it would be our duty to the All-Time Observer who understands what must be done at any given time.

This letter that I write to you may or may not reach those unaffected. It is unfortunate for me to picture myself in a condition of degradation and decay. My hide and skin wears off, with flesh bitten and grabbed away by those who have had fallen to the septic. And it is only a few hours from now that I know I would be one of them. There is not a thing I can do about it. Death is only a way into a world I know I would go through the doorway.

And with these final words, I speak no more and hope that someday someone unaffected by darkness will pick up my letter and act responsibly, until it becomes too late for all the races who have left us long before. Their lives are in your hands now and it is only you who can save them from the Great Scourge that breeds in our world. Make every unaffected life count. I will now take my leave and rest since I think I should, before the long and intense work starts for me.

This inspiration comes from multiple weekly challenges of the Daily Post:

  1. Great Expectations – This letter expects a great deal of responsibility from an unaffected individual/party.
  2. The Setting’s the Thing – This letter creates a setting about how the world is and what has become of it.
  3. List Lesson – A list of events mention the need to be taken care of to make sure the dark forces do not lift off from the world and hunt down the remaining races.

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  163. The State Of GraceCan’t Live Without
  164. bodhisattvaintrainingthe kissing list
  165. Love in the SpacesWhy I Hate “Bucket Lists”
  166. The Quirky Life of PP becomes Listless
  167. Susan’s Loves, Books, and CoffeeWhy I Should NOT Go To The Pool
  168. Raising RylanWhat does the first of the month mean to you?
  169. THB FilesThe 10 Worst Mistakes I’ve Made As A Teenager
  170. A Voice of My OwnLists About Procrastination
  171. The Secret Weekend (Writer) WarriorFinding my way: Daily Prompt – Futures Past
  172. PolymathicallyA List Mementos: A Work In Progress
  173. A Little Bit of NothingWeekly Writing Challenge: List Lesson

5 thoughts on “A Hope from our Long Lost Distant Relations

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