Day Four

It’s day four. The living legends have crumbled to ash and dust. Not a soul lives around. Not a day goes by.

I’m all alone…
… And it’s already day four.

Nature is all crushed and withered, and so are the clear blue skies that seemingly crack out lightning and thunder all day. Even the foggy dark nights shower us with ashes that erupt from volcanoes across other continents. Every morning, the ground cracks from rapid temperature changes, a sudden drift into the oncoming heat of sunlight. These are our final days, the days we always predicted would come eventually.

The growing heat, the intense floods, and droughts that have led us are not a moment to think of what could have happened in the past. Now, it’s too late. There is no going back. We are what we have done. And we can never hope to see the clear blue skies anymore. The air across the surface is hard, rough, and toxic. It’s impossible to breathe. And with no light seeping through the dark clouds, our source of energy is lost.

We live in a subterranean world. There are electrical surges everywhere. All man-made inventions have been lost. We sweat and die with plagues of disease that swarm over our lives. And within these dark walls, our figures are known to linger in the shadows of our images long forgotten from past holocausts.

Today is day four. But we do not understand when a day goes by, when night falls, and when the new dawn rises. Seven are the days marked in the saying of the Bible’s. And on the seventh day, God rested. It does reveal our darkest fears now. For when the seventh day arrives, all will be silent. Neither a soul shall work, nor shall a heartbeat anymore. There shall be no signals struck along the nervous system and the brain. That is what our seventh day shall be.

For now, it’s day four.

This post is written as part of the Word Prompt for April 2019 on Writer’s Write.

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