Search for Solitude

The human population. Our world is a crowded place of human beings. And incomparable to other species. Cities include most of them as they grab them from other small towns and villages. Cities steal and gobble up humans, and spread their arms wide open. They influence neighbourhoods and regions, creating desires in gaining competitive attitudes to running parallel with world progression. They also attract tourists from distant corners of the planet by displaying its culture, thus gobbling down few more people, although temporarily.

This is a story of one human who lived in such a densely populated city. Right from his early childhood until a grown-up adult in his 30s. Most of his life was spent living amid a dense crowd of people living their lives. Most avenues, streets and roads remained crowded in the evenings, packed with people, wherever markets and shops were spread in endless queues. Not a spot would go deserted in such areas. One had to hunt for such a place. But dare not search out, for there were places which filled up hearts with fear of criminals that stalked around hunting for prey and easy targets.

With time, he soon found out a way to gather himself and reach the non-existent loneliness. He found out ways to be alone and started living in a separate spiritual plane. Various hobbies were harnessed and he took its advantage. He took to reading fiction and engrossed himself into other worlds of fantasy and science fiction. Music became his partner as he went for walks and jogs around the crowded city beaches and seashores. Writing shattered his frustrations away from him gradually as he mastered his way to become what he never had wished for. He never liked writing while he was in school. No one knows how it all changed.

People questioned him about money and marriage. But all he wanted was to be left alone. After spending more than thirty years of his life, he only wished to spend time for himself. He avoided party hang-outs and marriage celebrations, save for those which he felt worthy, attending to meet his dear friends.

There were hill stations nearby, but they had roads and traffic as well. But one such hill station did exist which he felt the need to keep him connected with nature. Although not visiting often, he would meet with a few friends and make his trips once or twice during a year.

Persisting to exist is a quality of survival. Every human needs his own space. Some might reject the idea, especially those who bend more towards extroversion. They might reject such thoughts for their need to keep their image and reputation on society that surrounds them. Most people realise a need to stay alone for few moments and not to think of anything. They allow themselves to heal their thoughts and mind. And it is what helps in their upbringing towards a higher self. It flows through you and helps you everywhere. If you allow yourself to be filled with nothingness but yourself, you’re giving yourself a chance to develop spiritually. All it takes is a moment of realisation. And it comes only when you have solitude.

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5 thoughts on “Search for Solitude

  1. Great post! As a solitude seeker who now lives in the suburbs, I really relate to what you’re saying here. My heart also drives me to seek out places of solitude and avoid the noise and chaos of the city and your words here remind me of the reason that it’s important to follow that guidance. And thank you for the pingback!

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  2. Pingback: The Value of Solitude and The Dreaded Question: “What Do You Do?” | A New Life Wandering

    • I couldn’t disagree more, Karis. 🙂 I only signify the need for solitude needed by people. We’re attached to many things that we perform, and 24 hours is a short span in today’s world. People need other people, that’s true. I only wish for people to realise that they have a life to live, and they should live it, constantly progressing ahead.

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