Humans and the wandering journey

I walk in glee. It has always granted me a blessing and a bliss. Daydreams they are which steal me of all troubles, sadness, frustration and depression. It is not in my path I seldom see sadness, but all that surrounds is beauty of nature spanning infinite leagues. It is rare that I walk about in directions I know of. I walk where my feet take me, step-by-step towards what lies in front of me. But I’m unsure whether I might walk forward or backwards, perhaps even sideways. My destination lies either in front of me, or they are simply milestones that lead me towards one. Intuition leads me to places where my spirits wish to exist. I allow them to guide my wandering thoughts. And I’m glad for all that presents itself to me.

Cities are a spectacle with dense cultures and intense beauty of colour. Residential, commercial and industrial zones provide for all the population to thrive and survive. Products and services play significant roles towards all. Laws, politics and ethics preserve a standard for all to cooperate with neighbours. And with each inclining step into the ever-progressing world, every step leads me into the unknown and submissive pattern of nature.

And change in nature is constant. What comes along the road is what should be accepted. But some are ambitious. And those make their way away from nature. They turn their back towards nature in search of wants they’re inclined to achieve. And nature rewards them exactly according to their needs. Those swimming with the river currents are tested until the end, where they meet the seas and oceans. And it is them who benefit the most with true gifts nature has provided for them.

Survival is an innate nature embedded with every species on our planet. But what if you have to think of species who do not have such behaviour? If you walk in a known direction, you’ll feel safe and secure. However, the path might not lead to where you need to be. But if you walk on the path where intuition guides you, it will reward you with balance in life.

And so I am happy with what comes along. I shall stay content and happy with it.

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