The Elders of Us

I’m old now. Life has worn me through ages I’ve set afoot on. Each moment passed makes my soul to sacrifice partial eternity to the universal construct. I’ve lived long enough. Time and tide has taught me the different patterns and momentum in the structure of life itself. How can I ever explain the complex configuration it holds over every entity through all the 236 billion dimensions? The figures pass through my senses like magic. Continuity leads matter to progress and evolution. Everything it contains moves in silent form. It is the reference which changes thought. So is my story which I put in simplest form possible.

These words I use within this language confuse me in high magnitude. They are volatile and vulnerable. I knew of times when languages competed against each other. While the initial periods led to confusion and chaos, a greater understanding came with considering a global language system to communicate. But through decay in time, multilingual competencies lit up their fires. Civilisations merged into common frequencies. And wars were waged again allowing mass death and destruction. Neighbours became strangers and friends became enemies. Individual countries merged into single governed continents. Applied linguistics allowed for opportunities over other continents. And this allowed for inception of symbols for further growth towards global communication. These are those times when symbols equivalent to hieroglyphs of the Egyptian era.

A different world lies beyond the human understanding. I’m afraid the world I see now through my sight lie in ruins in the remotest part of some distant universe. As I reach deeper within my multidimensional senses, those parts have long coursed it’s life and are only part of that universal construct. Fortune has struck nature as universe are seen to implode back towards so-called human singularity. However, it’s only one of the many phases for any universe. I can see universes spread apart and merge back to become one in form. As time passes through space, so do the infinite leaves creating parallel lives. But what can I say. These words may not convince you now. And they will not yet digest through your organic brains. Even the lives of highest order through evolution would have difficulties accepting anything I mention. The power of reasoning and questioning limits all thought processes and allows you to execute ideas that stay within your grasp. The visual perception at its infant stages weakens the sight of signals occurring beyond the limit of senses. Billions of years would have passed in trying to survive over the merciless space that stays at every doorstep.

The options grow wiser, but unhealthy as fractures crack through bones and splices out the surface of skin. There is immense knowledge within the parallel universes. As the secret remains hidden and out of grasp, the wiser parallels accumulate strength. Dominating the parallels leads to flash fusion in advancement of the species, spiking their survival rate towards elimination. I feel all the senses you live your demeaned lives leading towards none other than extinction. The dragons imagined will no doubt come into existence. Demons from other worlds will set foot before you and attempt to take over. Only time would tell the tale who survives. I can only send you a portent, in that I hope you would accept in making a wise choice. The choice of sacrificing something for the greater good is only a happenstance and leads to dimwit and inconsequential misunderstandings. It suggests not to govern over beliefs imparting biased wisdom. Wisdom imparted in incompleteness itself is biased towards a certain direction. The language is combustible and so can be the infinite variants in perceptions of words heard and understood. Directions are guidelines, not concrete paths. Elevating the openness of all senses will allow to evade the oncoming dangers that look forward to feed on your path of existence.

These words of knowledge imparted through uncanny characters of wisdom exist in before you to create both tangible and intangible ways towards the existence of all humans. Most of you may not understand, and only a handful might. But creating the path of survival towards the beneficial is what I propose to the order that exists at the far end of the ocean unknown and isolate from every other form. I may have imparted knowledge, but I do not know how far it might reach towards the implementation. Education and learning inculcates an individual into reaching destiny. But the extents one can travel are beyond comparison. I have grown old, much more than you seem to know as the very insignificant part of the 236 billion dimensions across multiple and parallel universes. And with each blink of an eye, a connection is made between a specific dimension and a specific universe.

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