Grip of Repetitive Control and Chaos.

Life is close to reaching its final stages, and as dead as dust falling down to the floor. The skies fall on the ground. The hills stand beyond the reach of humans. Civilisation cripples over discrepancies and differences. Countries and regions fight long and endless battles. We can’t compare our life with slavery and survival that used to. Wars decide who reigns supreme.

With no civilisations, corporations would rule over all the people. Creating products for the humans to exploit them of all possible forms of assets they own. Money, gold, reputation, respect, image, health, mental power, and not to forget the most important facet of human life, the soul within all life forms. They’d live as corporate belongings and they’ll manipulate the human life.

Save those who fight back brutal battles which stage this planet. With a million odds, corporates will defend what’s theirs, in ferocious ways never known. A million men will fight against a single corporate to collapse it. Billions will fall, but corporations will rise to higher levels of threat management. Security would create a destructive force and will crush these rebels. Men working for corporations will lead towards their self-destruction through slavery, trade, corruption and politics. Few corporations will fall. But the rebels will suffer and face defeat, when corporations will come together and defend grounds, when they realise it as threat for them.

When all rebels have fallen, corporations will face no threat and will try to spy and sabotage others. Chain reaction towards corporate destruction would occur and there would be significant human losses. Destruction of property and loss of life would happen in exponential patterns. All those who remain alive will take on to create new ways of living together, but most corporates wouldn’t agree because of previous experiences of espionage carried out over them. The world will compress to form one single corporation. Corporations staying out of merger will fall and collapse. Unsigned corporations trying to survive would fall when espionages occur over them at frequent intervals. With nothing to hold on, the small corporations would perish soon. With a single corporation ruling over the planet, they would direct themselves to various sustainable solutions. But post merger, damages would start to occur from the inside, trying to collapse it. Many people would die because of newly devised plans to gain control over the human mind to decrease damages. Those rejecting the new ideas would suffer, whereas the rest would remain inside. But not for long, when the corporation starts analysing minds of all humans working for them. They would separate them out in categories to control their minds efficiently, which would cost many human lives. As scrutiny heightens, those with the slightest roots of threat exit out without delays.

Most people working for the corporation exit. Only the loyal few survive. The outsiders gradually die out of survival. The rest of them working inside, become part of it. With removal of major portion of humans, internal threat to its own survival becomes highest priority. Works of huge numbers of departments stop to a halt. Only those with basic needs advance to full production. But with different jobs and locations to work for, people reject the change. Only after posing a threat of removal, do they accept what becomes of them. Most people accept the change and move to different locations. People would then work for basic needs needed for their own survival. The corporation with only a few people managing the basic needs of life to survive, lose a major portion of profits and converts into heavy losses. After analysing production metrics, there would occur jobs cut and people whose productivity reaches below a certain threshold point would leave.

As time passes goes on, the corporation would eventually lose more people because of the losses it suffers. Although the corporation understands its mistake of flushing out human threats, they believe in their ways to survive until the end. But end comes near as the corporate collapses because of lesser and lesser production. With the corporation collapsed, the remaining humans work on survival instincts. As anarchy and chaos strikes them, people flee beyond their possible extents.

History repeats itself. Those surviving the fall of corporate and of its results, start living life again. They create history and write the basic laws to live. People place footprints to conquer what lies within their grasp. People fight over wars again, this time in a different state of world. As we understand history of the past before us, the new world will know ours. Unfortunately, it would be late understanding the reasons behind the historical destruction. Only handful of people would survive towards becoming the next surviving group.

Humans need to understand the basics from our past to survive, may it be between civilisations, corporates or basic human survival, or nature. History repeats only in different forms and tries to address issues to those who survive the chaos. Only when we understand how we used to live in our past, it would clear our ways to live anew.

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