The Dream of a Book Library

I may be awake, but I can somehow say, it isn’t real. I’m confused with the knowledge surrounding me. I am standing in the middle of a book library, complete with books, visible in all possible directions. Bookshelves everywhere, lying in silence. I can hear myself breathing as well as my heartbeat regularly. Set within the ceiling above, I can see rows of lights placed exactly between two shelves, allowing one to see what books have been placed on the racks.

I walk along the rows, looking for a book I know not of, but I know there is one, I need to read. Somewhere down the path, I hear a sound, like the bell of a bicycle. I find it hard to concentrate searching for the book I so long to read. I start walking towards the oncoming sound, in search of its source. Gradually, the sound converts into a soft music, filled with multiple tinkles of different pitch.

Carefully walking ahead, I come towards a bookshelf where I see a bright luminescence coming further up ahead. Trying to get a glimpse of what could be in front, I feel creepy and exciting, both at the same time. Approaching towards whatever lies ahead, I can hear a beautiful tune of music playing softly. When I come close and take the first glance, I am awed. There lies an open book, floating in mid-air, with a few other books alongside it, like an audience watching a theatrical performance. The hovering book emits light from its pages, which showers on other books. It feels like the other books are hypnotised, and are dancing at its rhythm.

I try to get as close as possible. With an abrupt sound of my shoe cracking down, I take a quick glance below to see a splintered glass lying on the floor. However, when I look back towards the floating books, I couldn’t see anything. It was as if nothing had happened. Feeling sad, I start walking again ahead in the line of the shelves, searching for my book. I think hard about the book I am searching for, but it never crosses my mind. Soon, I come towards a window, where its glasses are painted all over and the bright sunlight from outside creates a beautiful imagery of a tree. The tree displays many branches, which in turn draw out books falling down from its leaves.

I understand this image as the Tree of Knowledge. It is on this tree I find the supreme book of knowledge. As I look deeper into the image on the window, I see a part of the window glass missing. When I figure out what could possibly be missing, I come to various theories. It could’ve been anything, either the glass could’ve been broken by someone from the outside, or the image was intended to be displayed in that fashion. I ignore the possibilities unravelling though my mind and start walking along the edges of the library.

I may have walked for ten minutes when I start to think of the library not having any corners to it. I can still see the endless bookshelves running along the line with no end to it. I start getting goose bumps all over, and creepy thoughts start to linger within my mind. I walk back towards the glass painting of the Tree of Knowledge. Within minutes, I start to hear the tinkling sounds of a bicycle I had heard before. With all haste, I run towards the source of the sound.

Rushing towards the enlightening music, I switch between rows and columns of bookshelves, zigzagging my way across the library. I also start recalling the name of the book, I have been searching for all this time. Even though the emitting light starts to grow, I do not slow down. Within minutes, I reach my destination, where the source of the sound exists. I can also recall the name of the book that I intend to read, which is none other than the book of “Tree of Knowledge”.

As I come in front of the books floating in mid-air, I slip over the wooden flooring, which happens to contain some slippery powder dropped over it. Unable to control myself, I trip over the hovering books, while they remain in their spots at a height of about a feet above-ground. It is when I am on the other side of the hovering books, I see the book emitting the light is none other than the one having it’s name “Tree of Knowledge”. Unfortunately, when I fall on to the wooden floor, I wake up from my dream.

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