Nature – Overview & Awareness.

Nature performs duties, both good and bad. It does good providing rainfall, to those in need of water to drink, and perform farming for their crops. It fertilises the soil, provides a feeling of cleanness in air with the help of trees, and allow enough space for reproduction of life on planet Earth. Nature’s considered bad, when compared with destruction of life. Strong winds, hurricanes or tornadoes, display property destruction and loss of life, wherever such disasters occur. Even volcanoes display damage to life and property. Other causes also exist, which threaten life, and nature gets the blame. We shouldn’t view the perspective of damage that occurred, but understand the causes of it. People and other creatures are responsible for living near areas close to volcanoes in both active or dormant state. All coastal cities have a threat of tsunami waves, but life still lurks around in almost all corners. Building skyscrapers in areas vulnerable to hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes may damage property. People should not blame nature when they accept the risks involved. Nature’s work has existed before the dawn of man, and will continue in future.

Our planet is unpredictable for natural disasters. Humans predict what can happen soon, which may not occur as well. The human brain works to the imitations set by nature itself. While humans try to adapt and strengthen themselves, it is nature trying to give them signs, for trying to make the world a better place, without considering the place of nature in their lives. Nature doesn’t display revenge to human race, but a sign for what may come in the future. Man tries to change the lives of people, especially those who intend to live their lives happily during their times. Nature communicates with life on this planet, no matter what life it supports, to help protect it. A lifeless planet is one without life. Our planet has journeyed through millions of years with hard labour. Life on this planet, is challenging and destroying itself.

Let us stand and help the world be a better place to live in, without disturbing nature and its progress. Help save life that our planet has created, with all its hard work and patience. It is for us to see and fulfil the dreams our planet and what nature has provided for us to be what we are. It is now time for us to give back, help our planet and nature that rests on it. Let us all stand together and make our world a better place for the world to live on.

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