Sustainability – Awareness of Global Heating and Melting of Ice.

With the rise and fall of markets, it is unbelievable for us to remain aware of other traits in life. Use of sustainable technologies started in various countries lately, and it would take time for everyone to plant the seeds and reap benefits out of it. Even though most people say, certain events are unavoidable and bound to happen, because of crossing the threshold point, some remain optimistic about the future. Some say, that because of the rising levels of greenhouse gases, with the high amounts of heat captured within the Earth’s atmosphere, seawater may rise in metres. With its rise, fifty to sixty percent of coastal cities would have flooded. People would’ve evacuated to the interiors and higher altitudes. Even if seawater increases, it wouldn’t increase within a day or two, but gradually, say within two to three months. Scientists research melting of glaciers and ice, observing cracks within the ice sheets in the Arctic region. Soon, the threshold point would have crossed and there would be no way for controlling melting of ice sheets. With the decrease in the ice sheets, water level will increase gradually, and will affect the overall planet. Obviously, with an increase in global temperature, the effects on the ice meltdown would occur exponentially. When all ice melts, there wouldn’t be going back, because of non-existing cooling technologies for our planet. Unless, we capture heat and greenhouse gases from air using technologies invented by man, and then either compress and use it, or throw it out into space.

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