Chainful Aspects

Chainful Aspects © 2012 Shlomo Reuben

It has been a long time, a very long one, almost about twenty days since he had left his house, his home, the place that belonged to his family. Since the past four months, there was chaos at home everywhere, in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, passage, along with two balconies, each of which had individual stories, with a life of its own.
He is now in his early thirties, and trying hard to live amongst his own family members, sacrificing most of the things, but fighting for his own bit of space for freedom and privacy. His immersed nature in what the rest of the people would say as weird and having no sense in what is mentioned but he has a mind of his own, wherein he believes a life complete with all the incredible and marvellous things, which are expected from humans into their being of existence.

It has been an enormous span of time since the dawn of universe, its elements and their characteristics, all its entities have appeared, those which might have transformed into different forms, while a few of them destroyed. Such behaviour has been unknown to humanity, due to the dependence on proofs, deducted through science, a simple art of theory, and their proved implementations.

Very few people might believe imagination as a term used for generating ideas, or that it leads to various other beliefs, but it has been a major factor, which has made the life of humans to live in a sense of scope. Humans get ideas based on their experiences, based on either something that has occurred in their past or when something is implied within their minds. Even though there is no limit for imagination, humans would never agree to the fact that limitations are still in effect over what is being termed as imagination. He terms it as a mental progress, based upon the psychology of humankind’s current behaviour, nature of growth and development, natural environment, surroundings and various innumerable factors on which it depends on.

Nothing could explain, including the cumulative minds of the most intelligent people on Earth that they are only capable of thinking and imagining a microscopic fraction of what appears through all the eyes combined on this planet.

Life as known to him is full of fragrances and its essence and there are limitless possibilities to this purpose of living. However, some do believe that there is not as well. Some people live only for the sake of satisfying their own wishes, while others try to satisfy wishes of others. Nevertheless, there are those who also try to understand why there is a purpose in life after all. Moreover, if there is none, what makes it possible for them to decide and judge on what they live for? If the opposite is true, then it comes to why and to what extent does, the purpose becomes meaningful.

Most of the humans live their life as what they believe as normal lives. They believe in following the footsteps of those that are tried and tested is the safest, most secured and most successful way to live a life. It may be true that you might think in a different way, of course, why not. He believes in the existence of people who enact, behave or perform by living their lives. Some things are best forgotten when people are fixed with their ideas, thoughts and decisions. These possibly are three different types of people working on the mentioned things. Most common of them are those who listen to others and try to make the best of what is either decided or suggested. Certain numbers of people believe in only what they feel is correct. A select few tend to drive the vast majority of people who are utilised and absorbed into a cause.

He believes that Now is of the utmost importance, instead of the events occurred during the past. An individual’s behaviour is always different on any given two days, hours, minutes or seconds. However, it recreates, or rather executes in a repetitive fashion. A person may display a similar behaviour, but he is never the same individual at two separate times. Every day, a new and distinct energy form is created, transformed and destroyed. Although people only think that a day on planet Earth lasts for approximately twenty four hours, a day in the life of an individual could last anywhere between a single heartbeat to an everlasting immortality.

With the scope of a week imprinted within the minds of individuals living in cities and metropolitan areas, most of them think about their daily lives, their life in work, family, tensions, happenings around the world, business, society and other common matters. For the weekend, it is a bit different to some extent. There is no end to any of these. It is insignificant for such issues to advance towards future generations. This world lives on lies at its best. Its existence is at all places, no matter where we go, whatever we do. There need be only a few things performed for all of this to become history. On completion of that phase, that part of history needs a removal from not only humankind, but from the rest of the creatures as well. It would be a new beginning for all of them. They would not even know what happened.

With all these ideas in mind, he closed his eyes for a moment to think less and feel free. It was almost a sacred moment for him. Ah, it would all be over soon, was all that would bright up his mind.

After about a minute, he opened his eyes. There was nothing more to see anymore. The worst of everything was over by now. It must have been about five in the morning, but he did not know whether it was true or not. He only knew that it was going to be over. Everything was only a sleep away. It would be a start of a new beginning. A completely new life, without any expectations laid out with nothing to kill, live, survive, sacrifice, love, hate and all the other various infinite factors.

At that moment, he finally slept with no knowledge of anything about when he fell asleep and what occurred thereafter.

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